Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kardashian Kim Photo Shoot

Kim and Khloe are a great illustration of what different body fat percentages can look like. Kim looks like she's about 18% body fat Khloe looks like she's in the 23-25% body fat range. I never tell my clients what body fat percentage they should be happy at, you can totally choose what ever you want. And what ever body fat percentage you want to be at is just a matter of how tight you have your diet, and how consistent and smart your workouts are. You can have what ever you want, and what ever goal you set should be totally individual to what you want for your body. Or as I like to say - You can create what ever body best expresses who you are. The body measurements of Kim Kardashian are a subject of popular debate and contention. Kim Kardashian's curvy body is reported to have measurements of 38 (breasts) 26 (waist) 39 (hips). Ms. Kardashian stands at a height of five feet two inches tall and has a reported weight of 115 pounds.

16 Pics of Kardashian Kim Photo Shoot